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On the banks of the upper Hudson, where the river cuts through solid rock to create the palisades, is the Village of Corinth. The river and its falls drew the first settlers to the area in the late 1700's. A few years later they were harnessed to power a saw and grist mill.

By the 1870's the Hudson River Pulp and Paper Company was creating paper from pulp and rags, a revolutionary production method. The mill was eventually purchased by International Paper Company; one of twenty brought together to form the paper industry giant. The mill, along with other businesses, made the area into a thriving community and in 1886 the Village of Corinth was founded.

Over the years two fire companies (now combined into one) continue to safeguard the village.

Several churches give a spiritual foundation to the community and the Corinth Central School provides an educational base for its youth. The foothills of the Adirondacks create a stunning backdrop to this village on the Hudson.



Comprehensive Master Plan Committee Public Hearing

A hearing to seek input on the draft Comprehensive Master Plan will be held Monday, March 23rd at the Firehouse at 6:00 PM. Residents are encouraged to attend and offer suggestions and comments. A copy of the draft plan is available for viewing here

Garbage & Recycling Schedule

The Village of Corinth, NY is seeking applicants for the full time position of Mechanic at the Department of Public Works. of Click here for more information





Contact Information
244 Main St
Corinth, NY 12822
Phone:(518) 654-2012
Fax:(518) 654-6202

8am-noon; 1pm-4pm M-F

Dennis Morreale, Mayor
Timothy Halliday, Trustee/Deputy Mayor
Melanie Denno, Trustee
Julius Enekes, Trustee
Mitchell Saunders, Trustee